Errors During Gastric Bypass/Bariatric Surgeries Are Too Common

We live in a health- and weight-conscious society. One result of this new awareness has been a dramatic increase in the number of gastric bypass operations (also known as bariatric surgery) performed in the United States. Unfortunately, due to surgical errors and other types of medical negligence a number of gastric bypass patients suffer serious personal injury every year.

The American College of Surgeons is currently working on a program that will certify certain hospitals as “centers of excellence” for bariatric surgery. Hopefully, this will help reduce the number of complications and deaths resulting from weight loss surgeries in the United States. Current complications from gastric bypass surgery range from minor to major and include blood clots to the lungs, bowel leakage at the operation site, peritonitis and hernias. Tragically, these complications can and sometimes do lead to death — a wrongful accident.

Several types of gastric bypass operations are currently being performed in the United States. These include adjustable gastric banding (lap band surgery) and Roux-en-Y (stomach stapling). Another type of surgery, vertical banding, has for the most part been abandoned by contemporary surgeons.

Medical negligence attorneys at our Pittsburgh firm, Rosen & Perry, have successfully recovered compensation for clients in wrongful death and personal injury cases resulting from improperly performed gastric bypass surgery.

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