Serious Injury From Industrial And Construction Accidents

Workers at construction sites and industrial plants face greater risk of injury, not only from the rigors of the job but from unsafe equipment and human negligence. If you were seriously injured in the workplace, you may be entitled to compensation from third parties in addition to your employer-paid benefits.

The Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers of Rosen & Perry, help clients throughout Western Pennsylvania maximize their recovery for work-related accidents. Our investigations often reveal that manufacturers, property owners, subcontractors and other entities can be held legally responsible.

Do You Have Claims Beyond Workers’ Comp?

Our legal team can determine if you have third-party lawsuits from your construction or industrial accident. It costs you nothing to find out. Call 412-281-4200 for a free consultation.

Exploring All Sources Of Compensation For Construction And Industrial Injuries

We represent construction workers, utility workers, factory and warehouse employees, heavy equipment operators, mechanics, maintenance workers and other people in the building trades and blue collar jobs.

While any injured worker is entitled to workers’ compensation, you may not be limited to those benefits. Rosen & Perry excels at identifying third-party liability and recovering additional compensation, such as damages for pain and suffering.

  • Product liability claims – Our lawyers have successfully pursued hundreds of defective product claims against manufacturers and distributors for injuries caused by unsafe or poorly designed tools, equipment, machinery and vehicles.
  • Premises liability claims – Property owners, general contractors and other parties (other than your employer) may be responsible for dangerous property conditions such as an unguarded walkway, slippery floor, collapsed foundation or other safety hazard.
  • Third-party negligence – Other subcontractors on construction sites, as well as utility companies or material suppliers, may be liable for injuries from falling objects, tripping hazards, electrical shock, vehicle accidents or other dangers they introduced.
  • OSHA safety violations – Employers are not exempt from personal injury lawsuits when they have willfully ignored safety laws. Our attorneys work with accident reconstructionists, examine records of safety inspections and interview witnesses to determine whether your injuries partly resulted from violations of regulations under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Our legal team will pursue claims against retail stores, apartment buildings, nightclubs, gyms and other commercial entities. Homeowners and municipal entities can also be held liable for injuries from unsafe conditions.

Full Value For The Hardships Of Disabling Work Accidents

Construction and industrial accidents often result in severe injuries such as traumatic brain injury, quadriplegia or paraplegia, chemical burns or electrical injuries or loss of limb. For many clients this means years of ongoing medical care and an inability to earn a living. Our lawyers work with medical and economic experts to see that our clients receive the treatment they need and recover full compensation for their losses. If you would like one of our attorneys to review your workplace accident claims, call 412-281-4200 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation.

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