Did An Aggressive Animal Attack You?

When the laws against owning exotic animals, animal control laws and leash laws are ignored, animal attacks are often the result. The most common animal attack on humans is a dog attack. Being attacked by an aggressive dog can result in bite wounds that require expensive medical treatment and possibly surgery to repair unsightly scars. Unquestionably, a dog attack is a horrifying experience that can have a permanent impact on the victim’s life. When the case involves a dog attack on a child, the long-term consequences are even worse. At Rosen & Perry, our Pittsburgh personal injury firm, our attorneys assist victims of dog bites and other animal attacks in recovering full and fair compensation for their losses.

Pennsylvania Dog Bite Laws

Under Pennsylvania law the owner of an aggressive dog is responsible for injuries caused by the animal. If a neighbor’s or stranger’s dog bit you or your child, that person’s homeowners insurance policy personal liability provision or a personal liability policy may cover medical treatment, pain and suffering, compensation for permanent scarring, and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Our lawyers will identify sources of compensation for your dog bite injury claim, handle sensitive discussions with the dog’s owner and insurance company, and then work with medical experts to calculate the claim’s full value. We work to ensure that you are treated fairly by the insurance companies and to relieve you of a burden following your injury.

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