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Sadly, Pennsylvania’s stringent drunk driving laws do not always prevent drunk driving accidents. And now you and your family are dealing with the devastating aftermath of a driver’s senseless actions.

The Pittsburgh attorneys of Rosen & Perry, hold drunk drivers accountable for catastrophic injury and fatal accidents. You deserve full compensation that relieves your financial burdens and reflects your suffering. We’ve won verdicts and settlements across Western Pennsylvania, including lawsuits against third parties who provided the alcohol.

Aggressive Pursuit Of Justice

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Maximizing Compensation For Life-Changing Injuries

Drunk driving accidents are more likely to cause major injury or fatality, especially when the inebriated driver runs a red light, weaves into an oncoming lane or rear-ends another vehicle. Our firm is equipped for the most serious injuries, such as spinal cord damage and brain trauma.

Our legal team includes on-staff physicians who can gauge the extent of injury to ensure that compensation reflects future medical expenses, along with our calculation of damages for lost wages, disfigurement, and pain and suffering.

Did A Bar Or Restaurant Enable The Drunk Driver?

We exhaust every source of insurance coverage for auto accidents, including your family’s own policies, to capture the maximum compensation. This includes Pennsylvania dram shop lawsuits when applicable. In addition to your claim against the drunk driver, you may have grounds to sue a bar, restaurant, liquor store or social host who served or sold alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person who then caused an accident.

Let Our Experienced Attorneys Handle It

Insurance companies are eager to settle drunk driver claims, but not necessarily for a fair amount. Alcohol-related car accidents are governed by complex laws. For these reasons, before you sign any legal documents or agree to a settlement, call our Pittsburgh firm at 412-281-4200 or contact us online to arrange a free case evaluation

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