Injuries From Dangerous And Defective Products

Under product liability laws, consumers and employees are entitled to compensation when they are injured by poorly made products. But actually holding manufacturers accountable is another matter, especially when the insurance companies and defense firms get involved.

The Pittsburgh law firm of Rosen & Perry, has prevailed in product liability lawsuits against manufacturers and distributors. Our skilled trial lawyers level the playing field to enable ordinary citizens of Western Pennsylvania to get justice from powerful corporations. We have successfully pursued and won many cases that other lawyers rejected.

Do You Have A Product Liability Case?

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Proven Success In Product Litigation

We have secured verdicts and settlements in diverse cases of defective products, from a small metal ornament on a coat to a giant rig on an airport runway. In both of those cases, our clients suffered permanent and profound injuries that altered their enjoyment of life and ability to earn a living. In both cases, our firm overcame significant legal barriers (including appeals) to win justice for those individuals.

We analyze and pursue all types of dangerous product claims:

  • Auto defects (vehicle design, failed components)
  • Workplace machinery and equipment
  • Consumer products (tools, appliances, toys, clothing)
  • Medical devices

We Are Invested In Your Recovery

Suing product makers is a big undertaking. Our legal team has the ability to identify good cases and invest the appropriate resources. When we do file suit, we go all in. We know that a quick settlement likely won’t cover your losses and future needs. We know that manufacturers may not negotiate at all without the credible threat of an unfavorable jury verdict At Rosen & Perry, we care about getting you the full compensation you deserve. But first, you want to know if you even have a case. Call us at 412-281-4200 or fill out our online form to arrange your free consultation.

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