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Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice Law Blog

New protocols for kids with concussions

The increase awareness of concussions and their lingering effects have been one of the major recent issues in medicine. Whether it is professional sports figures forced to follow protocols or changes in the rules for football, we see precautions all around us. This has carried over to younger children as well with parents, teachers and healthcare professionals who look after them.

The past approach for treatment of concussed children was generally strict rest in a dark room for several days. Reading and screens were frowned upon, as was physical activity and any sort of stimulation. The good news in kids' minds was that they generally have to stay home from school, but the bad news is that they really could not do anything.

AI used to increase highway safety

Driverless cars will soon be part of the transportation landscape. An important reason for this technological advance is the reduced cost and size of the technology as well as technological advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to operate vehicles. However, AI is now being used in pilot program to predict and avoid motor vehicle accidents by human drivers as well.

The Nevada Highway Patrol is now working with Waycare, which provides artificial intelligence-based services and products to so-called "smart cities," on a pilot program to prevent accidents. The program uses in-vehicle technology including sensors and cameras as well as traffic data in real time to predict and reduce congestion, thus reducing the number of crashes.

NFL player sues top sports doctor

Dr. James Andrews is a name sports fans hear quite a lot as the go-to orthopedic surgeon for sports stars. Unfortunately, his name is now in the news thanks to a $180 million lawsuit filed by former Minnesota Viking defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd.

The suit was filed in Florida against Andrews, other staff involved in the surgery, the Andrews Institute for Orthopedic Surgery and associated corporations. Floyd went to the Andrews Institute for what was supposed to be routine arthroscopic surgery in September 2016. It was thought that Floyd would need three or four weeks of recovery time and then would return to his regular duties.

Bedsores: Potentially serious, infection-causing wounds

There are mistakes that happen in nursing homes, like failing to check on a patient regularly or neglecting duties to a patient who is immobile. Usually, missing one check-up isn't the end of the world, and the staff takes steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. However, when patients go without care for a more significant length of time, that's when the real trouble starts.

One of the signs that patients aren't receiving appropriate care is the development of bedsores. Bedsores, which are also known as pressure ulcers, develop when there is pressure on a specific area of skin and tissue for an extended period of time. It is most common for bedsores to develop on skin around bony areas, like the tail bone or heels. However, they can happen anywhere on the body.

Doctor at the center of $215 million (and counting) in lawsuits

A gynecologist working for the University of Southern California (USC) is at the center of multiple lawsuits filed by more than 400 patients who accused him of sexual abuse and other improper acts. The president of USC has offered former patients a proposed settlement of $215 million in October of 2018 after her predecessor was dismissed for not addressing the matter in a satisfactory manner.

The doctor was initially suspended in 2016 after a health worker reported that the doctor made inappropriate comments to patients. Other allegations included unnecessary penetration with his hands, inappropriate touching and other inappropriate conduct. After 30 years of practicing, the doctor was stripped of his medical license to practice in California. He denied all allegations but opted to settle.

Head injuries that can happen during birth

There are a wide variety of injuries that can happen during the birthing process. Some of the most common relate to the head. These injuries might happen, for example, as the baby tries to squeeze through the birth canal. It's often the head that becomes trapped, and injuries can result.

Here are the most frequent injuries that happen to a baby's head during birth:

High-Velocity Collision Injures Client's Wrist

Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement


Our client attempted to legally proceed through a green light when a car in the opposite lane of travel made a left turn and attempted to beat our client's vehicle through the intersection. Our client slammed on his brakes but a high-velocity collision occurred.

Client Injured at Fitness Center

Personal Injury Case Settled Out of Court


Our client, a new member at the fitness center in question, presented to the fitness center for her first personal training session. Our client's personal trainer instructed her to utilize a machine, and despite our client voicing her concerns about feeling unstable on the machine, she was assured by her personal trainer that this was normal.

Non-Compliant Handicapped Restroom Leads to Injuries, Eventually Death

Personal Injury Settlement


Our disabled client was attending an amusement park and needed to use the restroom. When she entered the restroom, she discovered the door to the handicapped stall was not wide enough to fit a wheelchair as the law requires. Because of this, our client was unable to reach the side grab bar and was forced to use her wheelchair for balance as she attempted to safely reach the toilet. While attempting to reach the toilet, our client's leg was severely lacerated when a part of her wheelchair was propelled upwards.

Car Accident Injures Client

Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement


Our client was attempting to merge onto the interstate. Due to the volume of traffic, the vehicle immediately in front of our client stopped at the merge point, forcing our client to stop. Our client was stopped for 20-30 seconds before her vehicle was forcefully struck from behind.

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