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Failure to diagnose sepsis can be a deadly

When your body develops an infection, the infection can usually be treated by a simple regimen of antibiotics. You simply go to your doctor, receive a prescription and take the medication as prescribed. But not all infections are this easy to treat. Some can have serious complications.

One example is sepsis. During an infection, the body will send infection-fighting chemicals into your bloodstream. But the same chemicals the fight infections can also cause inflammation in other parts of your body. This condition, called sepsis, can be deadly.

Defendant Runs Red Light, Strikes Client's Vehicle

Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement for Several Hundred Thousand Dollars


Our client was stopped at the red light of an intersection traveling in a southerly direction. When the light turned green, our client lawfully proceeded into the intersection. The defendant in this case, traveling in a westerly direction, recklessly ran through his red light and struck our client's vehicle on the driver's side door.

Automobile Collision Leaves Client with Serious Injuries

$7.2 Million Motor Vehicle Accident Verdict


Our client was involved in an automobile accident. In order to avoid colliding with a stopped dump-truck on the Turnpike, our client collided with the side of a tractor which caused the automobile to spin around and strike the rear of the dump-truck.

Mobile Crisis Unit's Failure to Adequately Assess Patient Leads to Stabbings

Medical Malpractice Settlement for Several Million Dollars

Our clients' son started to exhibit bizarre behavior, seclusion, and violent threats and ideations. Worried, our clients contacted a mobile crisis unit for a psychological evaluation. The mobile crisis unit visited with our clients' son who became angry and upset. The unit did not asses our clients' son for lethality or potential danger, instead telling our clients to keep monitoring their son and to call the crisis unit back if he exhibited dangerous or lethal behavior.

Medical Providers Overdose Patient on Opiate Pain Medication

Multi Million Medical Malpractice Settlement


Our client presented to the emergency department with sickle cell crisis, a condition characterized by severe pain that often occurs among people who suffer from sickle cell anemia. Our client's medical providers decided to treat her condition with the administration of pain medications.

Cerebral palsy and medical malpractice: what you should know

An estimated 746,000 adults and children suffer from cerebral palsy, and about 8,000 infants are diagnosed with it each year. It is an incurable disorder, and those diagnosed with it may have difficulty standing, balancing, moving, breathing, swallowing, communicating, sleeping, and even learning. What is cerebral palsy? And how is it related to medical malpractice?

Head-on Collision Leads to Fatality

Multi Million Dollar Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement


Our client was lawfully traveling southbound on a two-lane public road. The Defendant, operating a company vehicle in the opposite direction, attempted to pass a vehicle, crossed the centerline, and entered into our client's lane of travel. The Defendant's vehicle hit our client's vehicle head-on, killing our client.

Distracted driving remains a top safety concern

Ever since cellphones hit the market, distracted driving has been a persistent safety hazard on the country's roadways. Pennsylvania is no exception: Sometimes, it seems nearly impossible to drive without spotting another motorist texting, talking on the phone or using their smartphone for some other purpose.

Distracted driving now outranks drunk driving as American drivers' top safety concern, and with good reason. According to a recent survey, 75 percent of drivers see phone-related distraction among other drivers at least once a day. This is just one alarming statistic about distracted driving that Pennsylvania motorists should know.

Delay in Diagnosing Mass in Kidney Puts Client in Chronic Dialysis

Multi Million Dollar Medical Malpractice Settlement


Our client presented to his doctor with complaints of abdominal pain. A CT scan was ordered and the doctor in question interpreted the scans as showing several benign cysts in the right kidney. Two years later, a CT scan revealed a large mass in the right kidney of our patient.

Failure to Diagnose Ectopic Pregnancy Leads to Complications

Medical Malpractice Settlement for Several Hundred Thousand Dollars


Our client, seven weeks pregnant, presented to the emergency department with a sudden onset of severe pain which radiated to her hips and around her torso. She was also experiencing pain around her left shoulder blade and shortness of breath.

Although our client's symptoms were consistent with an ectopic pregnancy -- a complication of pregnancy in which the embryo attaches outside the uterus -- the doctor in question did not perform a pelvic examination to confirm a viable pregnancy nor did he order any tests. The doctor in question instead diagnosed our client with musculoskeletal pain and discharged her.

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