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Get ready for autumn bicycle rides

Riding your bicycle is a good way to get into shape and it is an environmentally friendly way of getting around town. You must ensure that you are ready for the ride, especially as the seasons change in Pittsburgh.

Here are some tips that might as you prepare for biking this autumn:

Improper Rectal Treatment Leads to Stage III Cancer

Medical Malpractice Settlement


Our client presented to the emergency room due to repeated rectal bleeding. A colonoscopy revealed a rectal lesion that further testing showed had a high likelihood of converting to invasive cancer if not properly treated. The doctor in question failed to properly monitor and ultimately remove our client's lesion, and the growth in her colon progressed to Stage III rectal cancer under his watch.

August is the most dangerous month on the road

Many assume that the most dangerous month for driving is December with its winter conditions and holiday reverie. Others will point to July with the July 4th holiday, which also ranks high as a dangerous time to be on the road. However, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the most dangerous month for traffic-related fatalities is August with the seemingly random date of August 2 as the most dangerous day of the year. The calculations are based on statistics compiled 2012-2016 by researchers at the IIHS -- August 2 had a total of 505 traffic fatalities in a month that has 15,914 fatalities over that five-year period.

Why August?

Dosage Error Leads to Complications

Settlement Reached After Medication Error


Our client's gynecologist obtained an abnormal pap smear from her and prescribed a medicated cream that she was to apply to her vagina twice daily. Our client then took the prescription to a pharmacy. The pharmacy called our client's gynecologist to confirm the dosage and twice daily application, and the gynecologist confirmed the initial prescription.

Motor vehicle wrecks can result in serious burns

Motor vehicle accidents sometimes include explosions and exposure to hot surfaces. These can result in very serious burns that can require intensive medical care. When this happens, it can mean that you have to deal with high medical care costs. You will likely have to remain off work for a while.

There are many different things that might come into the picture when determining your care plan. Understanding some of the basic facts about burns might be beneficial. Here are a few to get you started if you are burned in a car wreck:

Improper Wound Care Leads to Death

Medical Malpractice Leads to Settlement


Our client fell and was taken by ambulance to the emergency room. She was diagnosed with a right hip fracture and surgery was recommended. Prior to surgery, a skin evaluation was performed on our client showing she had an increased risk for skin breakdown. No preventative measures were taken to protect our client's skin and surgery was performed on her right hip.

Motor Vehicle Accident Leads to Severe Concussion

Personal Injury Settlement for Several Hundred Thousand Dollars


Our client was sitting in the front passenger seat of her friend's car when another vehicle struck it from behind. Our client hit her head on both the windshield and the window. As a result of the injury, our client suffered a serious concussion.

Negligence Leads to Baby's Death

Medical Malpractice Settlement for Seven Figures


Our pregnant client, then past her projected delivery date, presented to the hospital in labor. Despite the fact that fetal monitoring revealed her baby was in distress, our client's labor was permitted to proceed. The baby was delivered vaginally with the umbilical cord tightly wrapped around her abdomen three times.

Bicycle fatalities reduced by helmet use

Bicycles account for about 2 percent of motor vehicle crashes here in the U.S., but this number is on the rise. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), the most common serious injuries are to the head, which is a clear reminder of why it is so important for riders to wear helmets. While Pennsylvania does not require adults to wear helmets, riders under 12 years of age must use one if they are on pedal cycle. If there is a helmet law, however, riders are four times more likely to use a helmet than if there is no law.

Helmets save lives and prevent injury

Unnecessary Major Procedure Disables Client

Seven Figure Medical Malpractice Settlement


Our client, who frequently engaged in heavy lifting as a laborer, presented to the doctor in question with supraumbillical pain. The doctor proceeded with a resection of our client's midline fascia. This procedure was an unnecessary, major operation that provided no potential benefit to our client and instead resulted in the development of multiple hernias within a 6 month period.

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