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Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice Law Blog

Doctor's Unnecessary Surgical Intervention Leads to Wrist Complications

Several Hundred Thousand Dollar Medical Malpractice Settlement


Our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a wrist fracture that should not have warranted surgical intervention. Inexplicably, however, the surgeon in question operated on our client's fracture prior to casting his wrist.

Court rules son can sue father

Hunting parties often involve old friends and/or family members. There are occasional accidents and even the loss of life. Rarely is there discussion of filing a lawsuit against a hunting buddy.

A Minnesota man, however, fell out of deer hunting stand and broke both his legs in the 16-foot fall. The upshot of the story is that the stand located on family land was built by the injured man's father. The son has brought a suit against his father to cover the $150,000 in medical bills incurred since the fall in 2012. The three-year court battle ended up before the Minnesota Supreme Court, which ruled that the man could sue his father.

Pressure sores: The stages to watch for

Pressure sores, which are also known as bed sores, develop quickly and have the potential to lead to serious infections and death. These sores, which could develop into open, seeping wounds, occur when a person sits or lays in one position without moving for too long in most cases. Other times, the sores develop when the skin rubs against the bone or is pulled.

There are four stages of pressure sores. It's best to catch a pressure sore at its earliest stage, so it's a much easier recovery. If you catch it later on, there is a higher risk of infection.

Dosage Error Leads to Stroke

Medical Malpractice Settlement for Several Hundred Thousand Dollars


Our elderly client developed atrial fibrillation--an irregular, often rapid heart rate. Our client's doctor started her on Coumadin to prevent blood clots and coagulation.

Several years into her Coumadin treatment, our client presented to her doctor's office and a low INR, or coagulation measurement, was obtained. The doctor confused the amount of Coumadin our client was taking and accidentally decreased our client's Coumadin dosage rather than increasing it.

Misread CT Scan Leads to Extensive Surgical Intervention

Cancer Misdiagnosis Leads to Medical Malpractice Settlement


Due to worsening chest symptoms, our client presented to the hospital where she underwent a CT scan of the chest. The study was interpreted by the doctor in question as an enlarged lymph node and was not further evaluated. Two years later, our client returned to the hospital for a CT scan of the chest, which showed a significant increase in size of the mass that was worrisome for a malignancy.

Patient Never Offered Colonoscopy, Dies from Colorectal Cancer

Medical Malpractice Settlement for Several Hundred Thousand Dollars


At the age of 49, our client came under the care of the primary care physician alleged to be negligent in this case. Primary care physicians are required to recommend colonoscopy screenings to their patients beginning at the age of 50 for standard patients and the age of 40 for patients with a family history of colorectal cancer. Our client's father had previously suffered from colorectal cancer that was treated by the physician alleged to be negligent in this case.

Despite these facts, the physician in question never recommended our client undergo a colonoscopy over the 26 year period that our client visited the physician's office. Furthermore, the doctor in question drew abnormal blood samples that could have potentially shown our client was suffering from colorectal cancer, but the doctor failed to thoroughly investigate them.

Misread X-Rays Lead to Complications

Failure to Diagnose Leads to Medical Malpractice Settlement


Our elderly client, a resident in a nursing home, fell in the hallway of her care facility and complained of pain in her left leg. A mobile X-ray unit was called to the nursing home and a total of three views of her left femur were obtained via x-ray. The radiologist in question interpreted the films as displaying no fracture.

The next day, when our client was still complaining of pain, the mobile x-ray unit was called back to the nursing home. More x-rays and different views were taken and sent to a different radiologist for interpretation; this radiologist interpreted the films as showing no fracture. Our client continued to have difficulty walking and with daily activities for the next two months, at which point in time a new x-ray revealed she had a left femur fracture.

Airlines loath to make a medical-related emergency landings

Unscheduled landings are a nuisance for passengers. But they are a bigger problem for the airlines. These diversions can cost the carrier anywhere from $10,000 to $200,000. While the final decision involving a diversion is made by the pilot, this financial reckoning prompts many airlines to avoid diversions even when there is a medical emergency on the plane.

They don't need or want the doctor on the plane

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