WDVE, Merril Hoge Thank Rosen & Perry for Their Charitable Donation

102.5 WDVE, part of the Steelers Radio Network, helped to announce and celebrate Rosen & Perry’s donation efforts during the 2020 NFL Season.

The announcement opens with Merril Hoge, former Pittsburgh Steeler, explaining one of the many reasons Rosen & Perry are known as “The Caring Lawyers.” In this instance, it’s because Rosen & Perry pledged to donate one dollar to Pennies from Heaven for every yard of offense the Steelers gained throughout the 2020 season.

That amounts to $5,354 that is being donated to Pennies from Heaven from the Pittsburgh medical malpractice law firm.

Jon Perry and his wife, Joni, founded Pennies from Heaven 20 years ago to help economically challenged families be able to stay at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh when their children are sick and admitted there. Jon notes that it’s difficult enough to have a sick child, but not having the economic means to stay by your child’s side is a problem no parent should have to deal with.

In the 20 years since Pennies from Heaven was founded, over $3 million has been raised and over 650,000+ families have been helped.

Anyone wanting to learn more about Pennies from Heaven is encouraged to visit penniesfromheavenpittsburgh.org.