Firm Philosophy

When searching for a lawyer, every potential client wants the best lawyer who will obtain the highest amount in the fastest time. Lawyers understand these desires, but not all lawyers approach cases in the same way. Our approach to medical malpractice and personal injury litigation reflects the values of our lawyers. Lawyers cannot be trained to care about people. Compassion and empathy are bestowed as gifts at birth.

  • We are trial lawyers. We care about you, and we care about preserving our civil justice system. Under that system, we are often called upon to “step into the ring” and fight for our clients’ rights. If and when this fight is necessary, we are prepared to aggressively work to achieve the best legal results for the people we care about most – you, our clients. We will never be outworked when acting on behalf of our clients.
  • Our clients are truly courageous people.We admire and respect our clients, who have survived emotional and physical pain and trauma. When you ask our firm to evaluate your claim, our attorneys will take the time to find the answers you are seeking. Our goal is to help you find peace of mind, regardless of whether we determine that you have a claim.
  • We strive to relieve our clients of their financial burdens. As medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys, we help our clients recover the resources they need to survive and move forward with their lives. We help shoulder the burden of your claim by advancing all expenses during litigation while you focus on rebuilding your life. You will never pay any money unless and until your case is settled.
  • All people deserve equal access to the courts. The courtroom should be a level playing field. Every victim of negligence deserves effective legal representation before a jury of his or her peers. Whether you are wealthy or of modest means, if you consult us, our firm will advance the costs of investigating and pursuing your case. You will owe nothing for expenses or attorney fees unless we recover compensation on your behalf.
  • Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with our clients. As our client, you will have your lawyer’s personal phone number. We encourage our clients to call whenever they have questions — we do not want you worrying through the night while waiting for an answer.
  • Successful legal representation takes time and experience. We routinely assign two or three lawyers to every case. A legal team provides a broader legal perspective and more powerful representation than an individual attorney. Our team approach also ensures that, when you have a question, you can reach an attorney familiar with your case and learn what you need to know.
  • Our concern for your financial health extends beyond your verdict or settlement. Courts frequently compliment us for our post-settlement services. After your case is resolved, our attorneys will take the time to help you structure your settlement so that the money you receive is in a safe place and in a well-balanced portfolio, where it will be available to meet your long-term needs. We remain active in the lives of our clients long after their lawsuits are resolved.

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