Accountability For Pedestrian Accidents And Bicyclists Struck By Cars

Bike riders and pedestrians are vulnerable to severe injuries when they are hit by a car or truck. Such accidents can be life-changing and legally complex, requiring immediate attention from a law firm with the resources and the commitment to get full compensation.

The Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers of Rosen & Perry, understand the gravity of your situation if you or your child was seriously injured in a bicycle accident or pedestrian accident. We aim to relieve your financial burdens and legal worries while you are coping and recovering.

Do not be fooled into thinking that because you were not occupying a motor vehicle, you are unable to make an automobile insurance claim.  Whether riding a two wheeled pleasure machine or walking on foot, you enjoy the same rights and protections as individuals occupying cars and trucks.  Contact the experienced lawyers at Rosen & Perry to have your rights and possible remedies fully explained to you. 

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Serious Representation For Serious Injuries

Bicyclists and pedestrians often suffer severe and life-threatening injuries, such as brain injury, spinal cord trauma, fractured vertebrae, broken bones and internal injuries. It is critical to identify the negligent parties and preserve evidence to ensure that our clients are ultimately compensated, including damages for a wrongful death accident.

We immediately call on well-respected accident investigation experts and medical experts to gather information about your case. We can also recommend trusted doctors who are competent to treat serious or permanent injuries, so that you recover as fully and quickly as possible.

What Caused Your Accident?

Most pedestrian and bicycle accidents are caused by an automobile driver’s negligence. We work to prove that the driver was distracted, speeding, turned illegally, ran a stop sign, pulled out without looking or otherwise failed to yield the right-of-way. Our attorneys can skillfully counter defense attempts to blame the victim.

We explore all insurance coverages that may apply, including the family’s auto or homeowner policies. Sometimes we are able to establish third-party liability, as in accidents involving commercial trucks, drunk drivers, road construction, obstructed views or roadways with no sidewalks or bike lanes.

Let Us Shoulder The Burdens

We can ease the financial hardships from a disabling accident. We advance all expenses during litigation while you focus on rebuilding your life. You won’t have to pay until your case is settled or resolved. Please contact our law office to learn how we can help at 412-281-4200.

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