Drunk driver pays $750,000, Lauer v. Brown

Pennsylvania Law Weekly


Plaintiff was injured on March 18, 1995, when defendant, who later pled guilty to driving while intoxicated, crossed the center line and struck the vehicle in which plaintiff was a passenger

Defendant, who conceded liability and had liability coverage totaling 500,000, offered $230,000 to settle the case.

Following four days of testimony, the jury returned a verdict of $750,000 in favor of the plaintiff.

A motion to mold the verdict by adding delay damages of approximately a $46,000 has been filed with the court.

Plaintiff, who made a demand for policy limits and thereafter sent a bad faith letter, intends to pursue a bad faith claim against Nationwide, defendant’s automobile insurer.

COURT C.P. Clarion County
CASE NUMBER No. 334 of 105.
JUDGE Charles Alexander
INJURIES Fractures of the sinus, sacrum (nondisplaced), bilateral hips (nondisplaced), left distal tibia/fibula, right ankle and talus
ATTORNEY(S) Neil R. Rosen and Jean Manifesto Pittsburgh.
DEFENSE ATTORNEY(S) James Arner, Clarion
PLAINTIFF EXPERT(S): Barry Reimer, M.D. (orthopedics) Margaret Reidy, M.D. (Rehabilitation medicine), Stephen Kaltman, M.D. (ora( maxillofacial surgeon) and Jay Jarye (employment specialist).