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Medical malpractice is a far larger problem than most people realize. Every day, patients suffer injuries or death in our nation’s hospitals and at the hands of highly paid and respected doctors. The Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyers of Rosen & Perry are committed to holding medical professionals responsible for their mistakes.

Any lawsuit involving an error that results in death is generically referred to as a Wrongful Death case.  There are many types of medical errors that lead to death or serious injury.  Our site offers a representative sample of the types of medical malpractice cases handled by our law firm.

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Proven Results in Complex Malpractice Cases

Our law firm possesses the experience and resources to uncover the truth and hold medical providers accountable. Rosen & Perry has a long record of favorable verdicts and settlements in medical negligence cases, such as:

Diagnosis Errors

Delayed diagnosis of cancer, failure to identify life-threatening conditions, misdiagnosis leading to harmful treatment

Surgical Malpractice

Wrong procedure, scalpel damage, objects left behind, anesthesia errors, post-operative negligence, unnecessary surgery

Birth Injuries

Cerebral palsy, nerve damage and other injuries from excessive force, delayed C-section or other negligence in pregnancy, labor and delivery

Medication Errors

Doctors and nurses are busy, but that is no excuse to give patients the wrong prescription or forget to give them medication. Medication errors lead to serious consequences

Lab and Radiology Errors

Misinterpreting X-rays, mammograms, CT scans or MRIs, mishandling of blood tests, pap smears or biopsies

Failure to Diagnose Cancer

Many common cancers have very high cure rates provided they are correctly diagnosed and detected in an early stage.

“Do I Have a Medical Malpractice Case?”

When you contact our firm, a medical professional will speak with you first to gather relevant information. Then, our legal team of experienced attorneys and on-staff physicians and nurses sits down to discuss the facts of your case to determine if we can help.

You deserve compensation if our investigation reveals that medical professionals caused or allowed serious injury through their negligence. If we cannot negotiate a fair out-of-court resolution, our medical malpractice lawyers are prepared to take your case to a jury.

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