Doctor’s Carelessness Leads Client to Irreversible Brain Damage

$8,000,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement


Our client underwent elective surgery. Problems with the patient’s airways were discovered post-surgery and the patient needed to be intubated. Our client’s conditions slowly worsened and x-rays showed inflammation and fluid in his lungs. The patient’s respiration continued to deteriorate, and the patient began showing signs of agitation.

Despite all of this, nurses failed to check the patient’s vital signs and pulse. The doctor checked on the patient after a family member insisted on an examination, but the doctor determined the patient did not meet ICU standards without even performing a physical exam. The patient later went into respiratory arrest which led to cardiac arrest.

As a result, the patient suffered irreversible brain damage and never regained his full abilities. Rosen & Perry settled the case for full policy limits, $8,000,000.