Maximum Compensation For Your Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Few riders or passengers survive a motorcycle accident without serious injuries. Those who survive often face a long recovery, emotional upheaval and mounting medical bills.

The Pittsburgh attorneys of Rosen & Perry, can help you recover fair and full compensation for severe personal injury from a motorcycle crash, or wrongful death compensation if your loved one was killed.

Do not be fooled into thinking that because you were not occupying a motor vehicle, you are unable to make an automobile insurance claim.  Whether riding a two-wheeled pleasure machine or walking on foot, you enjoy the same rights and protections as individuals occupying cars and trucks.  Contact the experienced lawyers at Rosen & Perry to have your rights and possible remedies fully explained to you. 

Motorcycle Accidents Are Complex. Hire The Right Firm.

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Committed To Your Medical And Financial Recovery

We help families coping with catastrophic motorcycle injuries such as a head injury, broken pelvis or spinal cord trauma. Even a fractured knee, broken shoulder or severe road rash may result in long-term disability. Many of our clients require lifelong nursing care, reconstructive surgeries, physical therapy and other expensive treatments. Our mission is to provide clients with the financial means to cover future medical care and lost earnings, and to improve their quality of life.

Who Is Responsible For Your Motorcycle Crash?

Many people automatically blame the motorcycle rider. We have access to accident reconstruction specialists who can gather evidence and talk to witnesses to discover the true cause or contributing factors. Our investigation commonly reveals that a car or truck driver was chiefly at fault—turning left, tailgating, pulling out, switching lanes, texting while driving or otherwise causing a collision that the biker could not avoid.

Our attorneys will explain what insurance policies may apply to your motorcycle accident, including your health and auto insurance policies, policies covering other members of your family, uninsured and underinsured motorist provisions, policies covering other drivers involved in the motorcycle crash, and policies covering third-party claims for defective equipment, roadway defects or other negligence.

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