Patient Permanently Paralyzed Due to Delay in Diagnosis

This client, age 64, presented to her physician with a history of soft tissue infection and pain her back, was diagnosed as suffering from bilateral axillary abscesses which were drained during a minor surgical procedure. However, in the day following this procedure client began to experience progressive symptoms of paralysis. No neurological tests were performed until after client was paralyzed for over 12 hours. It was later discovered that client had an epidural lesion around the spinal cord, from which she has remained permanently paralyzed due to the delay in diagnosis. Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice law firm Rosen Louik & Perry was able to prove through deposition testimony that the resident (or student) doctors who rounded on client in the post-op period had not been adequately trained. This case settled for $3,900,000.00.

When a diagnosis isn’t reached in time, the result can be catastrophic. If you or a loved one have suffered similarly to our client, you can trust that the Pittsburgh Malpractice Attorneys of Rosen Louik & Perry will do everything they can to help. All new clients are eligible for a free phone evaluation. Email or Call us today: 800-440-5297.