Patient Overdoses on Anesthesia after Surgery

This elderly client was a patient at a hospital to undergo a surgical repair of a left tibial non-union. Following the surgery, client was administered patient controlled anesthesia using intravenous morphine. The client was found unresponsive 6 hours after of the treatment. Physicians ordered the client receive Narcan to reverse the effects of the client’s stupor. The Narcan caused the client to suffer severe pain. Doctors then re-started the patient controlled anesthesia of morphine. The result was a medication overdose. As a result of this morphine overdose, the client went into respiratory arrest and suffered a severe anoxic brain injury. The client’s brain death led to her removal from life support and ultimate expiration. Anesthesia Malpracticeattorneys at Rosen Louik & Perry sought damages and the anesthesia overdose claim was settled for $550,000.

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