Medical Negligence Leads to Late Breast Cancer Diagnosis

$12.8 Million Medical Malpractice Verdict


Our client was involved in a case of medical negligence. When our client scheduled an annual gynecological exam she also requested a mammogram because of her age and family history with breast cancer. Our client was told there were no abnormalities and to schedule a follow-up appointment in a year.

Our client was never scheduled for a yearly follow-up. When our client returned two years later she complained of a mass on her breast and was told this was not a concern. A year later our client began experiencing back pain. She received an MRI which revealed metastatic breast cancer.

As a result of negligence and carelessness, our client was caused to suffer the dissemination of her breast cancer to different sites in her body and underwent a bone marrow transplant. Our client was forced to endure pain, suffering, and inconvenience and a huge decrease in her life expectancy.

Rosen & Perry tried this case in a remote Pennsylvania county and the jury awarded $12.8 million dollars.