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Personal Injury

Woman injured on escalator awarded $3 million settlement

The average person rides an escalator thousands of times during their lifetime. We think nothing of it, and rarely consider the dangers involved. However, these seemingly innocuous transports can cause serious bodily injury. One example is a woman who had her toe shredded when she was Christmas shopping in 2013 at a mall in Little …

Statutes of Limitation – Minors Tolling Statute

With few exceptions in Pennsylvania, adults must file suits within two years of an accident. But where a child is the victim, the law extends the time for filing until the age of 18. The law provides an opportunity to the children of Pennsylvania a two year period from their age of adulthood, eighteen, to pursue legal wrongs. Nevertheless, it is still important for parents to contact counsel early so that a child’s rights may be best preserved. 

Wrongful Death: The Lawyers Can Help

Accidents happen every minute of every day due to reckless drivers, unsafe gun care, medical malpractice, and many other acts of irresponsibility. When a loved one has been lost in a tragedy, the effects can have a devastating impact on the family members surviving the departed. In addition to grief, families can be forced to deal with economic problems, insurance companies and numerous problems and obstacles that were not foreseen. Unfortunately, the law of Pennsylvania relating to a death caused by the carelessness of another is equally confusing. As a result, many families turn to legal counsel for advice and assistance. At Rosen Louik & Perry, a Pittsburgh Law Firm, we have been helping families understand the legal and financial options available, and obtain compensation from those accountable.