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Tag: Birth Injuries

C-section errors can result in injury to mom and baby

Delivery by caesarean section is nearly as common in the United States as traditional births, which leads many people to think it is a simple procedure. It is not. Thinking that a c-section is not a serious surgical operation is incorrect, and one should not undermine the serious nature of the procedure. Also, one should note the possible unwanted side effects that a c-section could have on mother and baby. For the unlucky ones that do experience a surgical accident or other unwanted side effect due to a c-section delivery, there may be more to the story.

Improperly managed pregnancy puts mom, baby at risk of injury

When you are expecting a little one, it changes everything. Whether this is your first child, or your second or third, each pregnancy is different and will require different things and will also present different challenges. Many parents will tell you that their first child’s pregnancy was infinitely different from their second child’s pregnancy, and so on. This is why it is important for parents to be aware of the necessary care when expecting a child.

Settlement for PA mom who suffered brain bleed during delivery

Thinking about the excitement of becoming a new mom or dad, there are few life events that have so much anticipation or excitement. Several years ago, a young teen mom was expecting her first child at the age of 15. Something went terribly wrong and she was forced to deliver before making it to full term. During the emergency C-section at Lancaster General Hospital, the new mom suffered a catastrophic brain bleed that caused her to become quadriplegic since the day of her son’s birth.

Botched C-section could have resounding impacts for mom, baby

Did you know that nearly half of all births today are delivered by Caesarean section as opposed to a traditional birth? It is considered common practice today for doctors and other medical professionals to opt for a C-section at the time of an Allegheny county child’s birth. A C-section may have been planned from earlier in the pregnancy or it could be a split second decision based on the condition of the mother and baby. However, sometimes C-sections do not go as planned and cause injury to the mother or child.

Preventable birth injury could be overlooked in hospital error

With the advances in the medical field in the 21st century, illnesses and injuries are becoming more treatable and thus earlier diagnosed, with many diseases leaving less impact on those they adversely affect. However, technology and the medical field has become so advanced that patients are reliant on doctors and other medical professionals to make the correct suggestions for care. For mothers and their unborn children, this is an important time with health and the ability to be cared for correctly. Sadly, some mothers and unborn children experience a preventable birth injury due to hospital error.

PA girl and parents to receive millions in malpractice settlement

With the birth of a child comes a slew of emotions for any parent including excitement, anticipation and maybe even some anxiety. Regardless of whether a family is expecting a little girl or a little boy, the hope is that they are happy and healthy. One family received some bad news when they were told that their newborn girl had a heart defect. However, the news got worse when their daughter suffered cardiac arrest after an inexperienced Pennsylvania doctor performed a surgical procedure.