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Medication Errors Archives

Medication errors are common and can be serious

When a Pittsburgh resident has to go to the hospital, he or she generally has a serious health concern. Hospitals are designed to help patients with serious medical conditions get better. But sometimes a patient can suffer additional injuries like medication errors when they are in the hospital.

Medication errors that can be dangerous

Most Pittsburgh residents will take a prescription medication at some time in their lives. Many will need numerous prescription medications to maintain their health. Accordingly, it is important to keep in mind some of the more common medication errors that can be made and cause serious injury.

Doctors may be making medication errors for ADHD

Many parents in the Pittsburgh area have a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD. In recent years, better screening procedures and more awareness have led to an increase in the number of kids who have been diagnosed. But a study has recently been released saying that some kids are receiving the wrong medication and suffering from medication errors and strong side effects.

Radiation dosage error injures patients

Most Pittsburgh residents will undergo cancer treatment that includes radiation or will have family member go through the process. Cancer is a scary diagnosis and treatment is often specialized for each patient and their unique situation. Radiation is often used as part of the treatment plan but medication errors can cause serious issues for cancer patients.

Overprescribing pain medication can have serious consequences

Many Pittsburgh residents will need a prescription pain medication at least once in their lives. Surgery, injuries and other circumstances can lead to a person needing pain medication. Doctors have the responsibility to provide these medications in an accurate and appropriate manner. Most of the time this happens, but occasionally medication errors occur.

We competently handle medication error cases

As discussed last week on the blog, anesthesia errors are far too common in the medical field. Yet, these mishaps are by no means the only type of medication error that occurs. In fact, nearly every medication can cause serious injury if taken improperly. Therefore, many Pennsylvanians trust their doctors to properly prescribe the right drugs in the right amounts. Likewise, people also probably expect their pharmacist to correctly fill the prescription. Unfortunately, though, this is not always the case.

Anesthesia errors are still an issue for patients

Most Pittsburgh residents will need to have surgery at least once in their life. Many times this surgery is performed using anesthesia. The use of anesthesia can be nerve-wracking for the patient especially because anesthesia errors can cause serious injuries.

A medication error can cause unexpected injuries

Many Pittsburgh residents take a medication, or several, to help with a serious medical condition or just to maintain a standard of health. Most of the time the medication a person receives is what was intended. But occasionally a medication error occurs where a patient receives the wrong drug or the wrong strength of a drug.

How to help prevent medication errors

Despite the number of safeguards put in place, medication errors are still common for Pittsburgh residents. Most Pittsburgh residents will need to take medication in their lives and many will need several to maintain their health. Medication errors can happen and it is important to be aware of ways to avoid these errors.

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