Dedicated Advocacy For Victims Of Medication Errors

Doctors and nurses are busy, but that is no excuse to give patients the wrong prescription or forget to give them medication. Medication errors lead to serious consequences for the patient, including relapse and even death.

The medical malpractice lawyers at Rosen Louik & Perry are committed to helping individuals and families receive just compensation for the injuries or loss they suffer due to medication errors.

A Recognized And Effective Legal Malpractice Team

Our attorneys are recognized as leading medical malpractice attorneys throughout Pennsylvania. We have been recognized by the legal profession as premier trial lawyers with record-setting verdicts and settlements.

Our team is made up of more than attorneys. We have two physicians who work for us full-time, and we strive to hire the best experts possible in every case.

Common Medication Errors

The following are common medication mistakes made by physicians and other medical professionals:

  • Human error in filling a prescription such as a pharmacist, nurse or physician filling a syringe with the wrong medicine
  • Prescription error, including prescribing the wrong medication
  • Failing to give a hospital patient proper medicine at proper intervals
  • Improperly using Coumadin and other blood thinners or failing to monitor their effects
  • Not adjusting medication to account for other problems, such as bleeding, that leads to a brain hemorrhage and gastrointestinal bleeding

When you or a loved one is injured by a medical error, our team of attorneys and doctors will learn what went wrong and who was negligent so you can start the route to recovery.

Caring Lawyers

Not every lawyer understands the serious effects that medical malpractice has on a patient's life. We do. Our primary concern is your welfare. We will investigate your case and be honest with you every step of the way. Even if we find that medical malpractice did not play a major role in your injuries, we will be there to answer your questions.

In the end, we understand that your life can't get back to what it was before the medication error turned it upside down. Yet, our law firm can give you a fighting chance at just compensation for your injuries and a better tomorrow.

Call 800-440-5297 or email our Pittsburgh office to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation regarding medication errors with our lawyers and doctors.

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