Patient’s Lower-Leg Amputated after Getting Foot Caught under Defective Jetway

This client suffered severe injuries as the result of getting his foot caught under a Jetway during his employment with an airline company. A Jetway is the mobilized ramp used to allow passengers to get on and off an airplane. This accident caused the client to suffer the loss of his big toe, crushing destruction of his left foot that required multiple surgeries, a loss of nerves and tendon, back injuries, and permanent scarring. Due to the severe amount of pain these injuries caused the client, he ultimately had to have his leg amputated at the knee. Product liability lawyers Rosen Louik & Perry of Pittsburgh were the first to ever sue the manufacturer of the Jetway for producing a defective, dangerous and unsafe product. The manufacturer refused to make a settlement offer arguing that thousands of Jetways in the market and decades of use without a lawsuit proved the safety of the product. The case was tried to a jury and plaintiff received a verdict of $1,123,483.92. Defendant appealed the case the entire way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court but lost.

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