Patient Dies After Doctors Fail To Treat Malignant Tumor

The client in this case was diagnosed with uterine cancer and underwent a hysterectomy to remove the cancer. A further analysis of the tissue after the surgery revealed that the cancer may have spread to her abdomen and she was referred to a gastroenterologist. After performing a colonoscopy, the gastroenterologist informed the client that her colon appeared normal. However, despite complaints of severe abdominal pain, her doctor never performed further tests of the upper gastrointestinal tract. After experiencing further severe pain. Malpractice lawyers of Pittsburgh, Rosen Louik & Perry represented thepost-surgical malpractice claim. She was evaluated by a surgeon. Surgical intervention revealed a malignant tumor in her jejunum that eventually led to client’s death a short time later. Although the delay was very short, the case settled for $487,500.00.

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