Failure to Intubate Patient Results in Death

Client was a life-long asthma sufferer and presented to a local emergency room, accompanied by his wife, with an acute asthma attack. Client was started on a breathing treatment but complained that it was not working. His wife begged for help three separate times, but a physician never appeared. A doctor finally appeared but did nothing. Client should have been intubated. Fifty minutes after being seen by the emergency room doctor, the client died. Client’s wife contacted Rosen Louik & Perry to represent her death by medical error malpractice claim. The case settled for $ 1,860,000.00.

Death by medical error in our hospitals is a very serious matter. If a loved one is lost due to medical negligence or mistreatment, you cannot wait. Contact the Pittsburgh malpractice law firm of Rosen Louik & Perry and fight back. Call us today at 1-800-440-5297 to speak with an attorney, free of charge.