Failure to Diagnose Hemorrhage Results in Death

While in recovery from a heart catheterization surgery, client’s neurological and left side motor functioning began to decline. Doctors immediately administered Heparin to the client. Client underwent a CT scan of her head, but doctors interpreted it as not indicative of a hemorrhagic conversion and allowed her Heparin treatment to continue. Client’s neurological and motor functioning ultimately declined rapidly, and doctors finally stopped administering client Heparin. A further CT scan showed client to have a massive bleed in her brain. Client’s intracranial hemorrhage was so extensive that life support ultimately was removed and client expired shortly after. Doctors’ misinterpretation of the original CT scan and continued administration of Heparin before a CT scan was performed and hemorrhage ruled out ultimately led to client’s massive brain hemorrhage and subsequent death. Nursing Home Negligence contributed to the fatal injury and Rosen Louik & Perry, Pittsburgh Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys represented the client’s family.The case settled for $265,000.00.

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