Failure to Investigate Bleeding Leads to Significant Brain Damage

After undergoing open-heart surgery, this 75-year old client was to be monitored by treating physicians and nursing staff to ensure his vital signs and cardiac profiles remained stable. During his post-operative recovery, however, client was found to suffer a bleed in the heart, which a resident physician was able to suction off. Sadly, doctors and nursing staff made no attempt to find the cause to client’s bleed. Soon after, client again began to exhibit symptoms of cardiac compromise. Client ultimately went into cardiopulmonary arrest and sustained significant anoxic brain damage as a result. Had client’s care givers properly and timely monitored his condition, recognized the ominous signs of his impending cardiac arrest and promptly provided the necessary care to divert the arrest, client would have avoided this permanent injury and lived another 4-7 years. Rosen Louik & Perry pursued a post-operative malpractice case. The case settled for $1,000,000.00.

Errors in post-operative care can cause critical damage to health. If you or a loved one has experienced post-operative malpractice, the lawyers at Rosen Louik & Perry are standing by to discuss your case. Please call or email us today for a free evaluation.