Victims of surgical errors may seek legal help

When a Pittsburgh resident has to undergo surgery it can be a traumatic experience. No one wants to go through surgery, because there can be many risks involved. Most surgeries go as planned, but occasionally a surgical error occurs.

A surgical error can affect a person’s life forever. There are many different mistakes that can be made before, during or after a surgery. A failure to monitor a patient’s status is a common mistake that has devastating consequences. Anesthesia may not be administered properly. A patient’s level of oxygen may go too low. This can lead to many complications, including brain damage and death. After surgery, a medical professional can fail to monitor how the patient is doing. This can lead to undiscovered blood clots, infections and heart and respiratory problems.

A surgeon mistake can have long-term negative consequences for the victim. Our firm believes these surgeons need to be held accountable for their negligence. We have the experience necessary to make sure these medical mistakes do not go unnoticed. We seek answers for families who have experienced life-altering medical mistakes. A family should not have to go through this traumatic time alone. We aim to hold negligent parties responsible and pursue compensation for damages that patients have suffered as a result of their injury.

Holding medical professionals accountable for their errors can be complicated and time-consuming. Our firm believes our clients are worth it. When surgical errors or other instances of medical malpractice occur, patients deserve to seek answers for what happened to them. Exploring one’s legal options with the help of a Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorney may help.