Unsafe injections can cause serious problems

Hospital errors have received a lot of attention lately as thousands of people are affected by this negligence. But another kind of negligence can occur to Pennsylvanians who visits their local clinic. Unsafe injections is a problem in the U.S. that can lead to serious injury.

The CDC states that over 150,000 patients have been affected by unsafe injections since 2001. The main cause of unsafe injections is reusing a syringe, needle or single dose of medication vial. All of these items are meant to be for one person and then discarded. When these vials are reused they expose unsuspecting patients to a variety of serious diseases. The CDC reports more than 50 outbreaks of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C and bacterial infections that resulted in life-threatening blood stream infections. Patients have also been exposed to HIV.

The CDC has created the One & Only Campaign to cut down on the number of unsafe injections throughout the United States. The campaign raises awareness among health-care providers and patients about proper procedures for injections. The CDC believes healthcare providers insist on nothing less than safe injection procedures each time for every patient.

Unsafe injection procedures and medication errors harm many people in the United States each year. These medical errors are entirely preventable but happen because some medical professionals are negligent in their care. If someone has been affected by an unsafe injection it may be helpful to contact a legal professional skilled in medical malpractice.

Source: CDC.gov, “The Impact of Unsafe Injection Practices in U.S. Healthcare Settings,” accessed on Dec. 23, 2014