Protecting the rights and interests of TBI victims

A Pennsylvanian car collision, work accident and a fall on the property of another are all instances of unexpected events. While victims of these incidents could walk away uninjured, others could suffer serious injuries — one of them being a head trauma.

A brain injury is unlike other injuries. A broken bone or a laceration is likely to heal easily and properly, causing the injured party little to no long-term complications. On the other hand, a traumatic brain injury or TBI frequently results in life-long problems and even physical, emotional or mental disabilities.

The damages and losses suffered and accumulated due to a brain injury are difficult to put into a dollar amount because TBI victims are likely to endure future medical costs. The Rehabilitation and recovery path for a brain injury is long and could impact a victim for the rest of his or her life. Therefore, our experienced legal team is devoted to protecting the rights and serving the interests of TBI victims in Pennsylvania.

No matter the cause or source of a TBI, when a negligent party causes a brain injury, our attorneys have experience helping clients successfully hold the liable party accountable for the injuries and losses suffered. Whether it was in an automobile accident, because of a fall in the workplace or an error during surgery, a traumatic brain injury will likely require months if not years of medical treatment and Rehabilitation.

The symptoms associated with a TBI can be severe, resulting in memory loss, the inability to concentrate, impairments in motor and sensory skills, changes in personality and even depression. These symptoms could greatly alter the quality of life for the victim, thus, generating additional damages. Our skilled legal team has the resources necessary to properly calculate the applicable losses, helping an injured party recover damages from the negligent party that caused the injury.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s brain injury web page. A traumatic brain injury could result in long-term complications and damages. Therefore, it is important to be fully aware of the rights and options afforded to TBI victims.