Preventable birth injury could be overlooked in hospital error

With the advances in the medical field in the 21st century, illnesses and injuries are becoming more treatable and thus earlier diagnosed, with many diseases leaving less impact on those they adversely affect. However, technology and the medical field has become so advanced that patients are reliant on doctors and other medical professionals to make the correct suggestions for care. For mothers and their unborn children, this is an important time with health and the ability to be cared for correctly. Sadly, some mothers and unborn children experience a preventable birth injury due to hospital error.

For the mother and baby, this can be catastrophic. There are many ways to diagnose a mother’s condition and anything that may affect the baby as well. Certain conditions are entirely treatable and it can lead to a favorable outcome for mother and child alike. Early diagnosis and proper treatment and medication can ease the situation for everyone involved. If left undiagnosed, certain illnesses, conditions or injuries could manifest into an injury for mother and/or child.

At Rosen Louik & Perry PC, we understand how important the well-being and health of a family is. For a medical professional or hospital to put a mother or child’s health in jeopardy by mistake is a big error. Sometimes these incidents could have been avoided, had medical professionals or facilities exercised due care. A failure to do so could prove to be negligent on the professionals or hospital’s behalf for a birth injury.

Determining if this is so is certainly important to recovering damages. Proving negligence on behalf of a medical professional can set a precedent, but can also bring financial relief for the injuries incurred. Funds to cover medical expenses, both past and future, and possibly punitive damages if the defendant was grossly negligent. Lost wages and loss of quality of life are considerations as well.