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Pennsylvania hockey player dies after traumatic brain injury

When playing any sport in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S., there is a chance at injury. This is true not just for athletics, for any activity. Some, however, are more dangerous than others due to their sheer nature. If it is a contact sport with hard surfaces, then logic states it is more likely that a person will have a head injury at some point. Unfortunately, a head injury can result in a traumatic brain injury and cause significant, even fatal, damage. Those who have been affected by an injury of this kind or lost a loved one because of it need to have a full investigation into the incident to determine if steps could have been taken to prevent it or to provide treatment in its immediate aftermath of a possible brain injury to avoid troublesome scenarios.

Hockey is known as a hard-hitting sport. The ice, the boards and the game itself are unforgiving. Those who take part in the sport are aware of this and this reality hit home when an 18-year-old hockey player for a club team collapsed after a game and died. According to observers and fellow players, no one saw this particular young man take a hit to the head at any point, but the cause of death is said to have been blunt-impact head trauma.

Other coaches have taken notice of this incident and expressed concern over the difficulty of knowing when a player has been hit and taking the proper steps to ensure treatment and safety. Coaches are now required to be trained in procedures to make sure that players do not have a concussion before going back into a game after a hit to the head. In the case of this young man, he complained of symptoms including a headache after a game. He subsequently collapsed. Surgery was performed to relieve pressure that was affecting his brain, but he died the next day.

Since it is not known exactly what caused the damage, it is imperative that the family protect themselves with the case investigated from their perspective. Any incident involving injury to the head during sports participation can result in traumatic brain injury. With it can come treatment, Rehabilitation, the inability to work, permanent disability or, as in this case, death. Speaking to an attorney to decide whether there is the foundation for a lawsuit can help to take the next step to be compensated.

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