Motor vehicle wrecks can result in serious burns

Motor vehicle accidents sometimes include explosions and exposure to hot surfaces. These can result in very serious burns that can require intensive medical care. When this happens, it can mean that you have to deal with high medical care costs. You will likely have to remain off work for a while.

There are many different things that might come into the picture when determining your care plan. Understanding some of the basic facts about burns might be beneficial. Here are a few to get you started if you are burned in a car wreck:

Burns are categorized in degrees

The degrees of burns are numbered with the lower numbers meaning less serious burns. There are three degrees. These are the distinguishing points for each:

  • First degree burns only impact the top layer of skin. A sunburn is an example.
  • Second degree burns impact the top two layers of the skin.
  • Third degree burns affect the entire thickness of the skin with complete tissue death.

Not all burns are painful

First and second degree burns are likely going to be painful. The area might be very red, tender and swollen. A second degree burn might blister and have fluid ooze from it. A person with a third degree burn might not have any pain at all due to the tissue death in the burn. If there are lesser degree burns around the perimeter of the third degree burn, those might be painful. The skin may look leathery or charred.

Treatment is often painful

The treatment plan for third degree burns is often a long one that is very painful, but this isn’t the case for first or second degree burns. This can include wound debriding, which means taking the dead tissue off of the burn. Skin grafts might also be in order. While these procedures are very painful for the person, pain management is often possible. These treatments might take place in a hospital or burn center. A sterile environment is usually preferable due to the risk of infection that comes with these very serious burns.

Scarring and disfigurement are possible

First degree burns may not leave much of a scar; however, second and third degree burns might leave them. In some cases, the disfigurement can be severe. It is wise to seek compensation for the pain and suffering, medical care costs and other expenses related to the burn if the accident was the fault of another driver on the road.