Most common birth injuries harming newborns and mothers

Preparing to bring a baby into this work is an exciting and overwhelming time for parents in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Whether it is your first child or fourth child, it is an emotional experience filled with many concerns and what ifs.

What if complications arise? What happens if a medical professional takes the wrong steps during the delivery of your newborn?

Doctors are trained to determine what methods to initiate during labor and delivery. But, mistakes could be made, causing a serious birth injury or a permanent disability to a newborn.

Serious consequences could follow a negligent doctor performing a delivery. A baby could be injured due to a variety of negligent acts. However, this post will focus on the most likely causes for a birth injury.

The incorrect use of forceps could lead to injuries to the head of an infant. Tools are often used to assist natural births. But, if these tools are not properly used, a newborn could suffer serious injuries. In fact, negligence in general could cause a newborn to suffer fractures, especially if a medical professional is pulling the baby.

If a medical professional fails to recognize fetal distress or fails to perform an emergency C-section, this could result in a serious, even fatal, birth injury. In cases where a C-section is performed, the mother, in the form of blood loss or an infection, could suffer injuries. Additionally, if medications are used, if they are administered in excess, this could cause harm to both the mother and the infant.

There are various vitals and symptoms to monitor during the labor and delivery process. Doctors are trained to take timely action, but if these steps are delayed or improperly taken, it could result in harm to both the mother and newborn.

A birth injury could generate harm to a newborn and their family. A medical malpractice claim not only holds a negligent doctor accountable, but also helps those harmed collect compensation for damages, such as medical bills and other related losses.

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