Life can change drastically after a spinal cord injury

Many people don’t think about how much they rely on their spinal cord to survive. Your spinal cord is the center of your being since it works with the brain to relay messages to other areas of the body. If you suffer a spinal cord injury, there is a good chance that you will suffer life-long effects.

If you suffer from a spinal cord injury, you should know some basic points about these injuries. This information might help you will need to make decisions about what you are going to do.

Every system of the body can be impacted by the injury

The location of the spinal cord injury impacts what bodily systems are affected. Since the spinal cord relays messages all over the body, every system can be impacted. A higher level injury would cause the most trouble for the victim. Problems with being able to breathe might occur. Paralysis of the limbs could set in. Even when movement is possible, the affected limbs might be weaker than they were before the accident. Sexual dysfunction, trouble with digestion, and incontinence might all occur because of a spinal cord injury.

Adaptive equipment can help you to overcome the effects of the injury

Many people who have spinal cord injuries can live a full life, just in a different way. Adaptive equipment, such as wheelchairs or other devices, can help with this. People who have trouble with breathing might need a ventilator. Of course, the adaptive equipment and medical devices that these individuals need can be costly, which can prevent some people from being able to access them. Another issue that comes up in these cases is the number and types of modifications that are necessary. Being wheelchair dependent, especially if the wheelchair is a power wheelchair, could mean that you need a new vehicle. It could also mean that hallways and doorways need to be widened in the home. A roll-in shower might also be necessary. These can add up to thousands upon thousands of dollars in expenses.

Compensation might be possible, depending on the circumstances

If your spinal cord injury was the result of an accident that was someone else’s fault, you might opt to seek compensation. This process isn’t a quick fix to your finances, but a successful claim might help to cover many of the expenses you incur. Your medical bills, equipment costs and lost wages might all be covered in your claim. You must carefully consider the full extent of the financial impact so that you include it all in your claim.

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