Lawsuit: Sponge left behind after surgical procedure

Every person who goes to the doctor should be able to expect that a doctor will be careful and thorough during every operation. And while doctors are human and can make mistakes, there are some basic mistakes that should never be made by any person during surgery. 

These mistakes are referred to as “never events” and they have that name because they simply never should happen. One such mistake is leaving surgical objects or materials inside a patient before closing up a patient. This is what one woman claims happened during her late husband’s operation. She is filing a lawsuit claiming that the surgical error caused catastrophic injuries.

According to reports, the man was having surgery performed on his abdomen. During the operation, the doctor had to insert a number of surgical sponges to soak up blood in the area. However, instead of checking to make sure all the sponges were removed before closing the man up, the surgeon left one behind.

As is often the case, the sponge created serious problems in the man’s body. He developed a very severe infection, which required an additional surgery and several months of a difficult recovery.

In order to hold the hospital and the doctor accountable for the preventable error, the man’s wife filed a lawsuit citing medical malpractice and is seeking damages. 

This case should serve as a reminder that every victim of medical malpractice has the right to work with an attorney and pursue a medical malpractice claim, and loved ones may be able to file one on behalf of a loved one. Working with an attorney during this time can help victims and their families identify their legal options and pursue maximum compensation.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Widow claims medical malpractice after sponge left in husband allegedly led to severe infection,” Kyle Barnett, Sept. 29, 2014