Husband receives large verdict in medical malpractice case


Cancer is a diagnosis that no one in Pittsburgh ever wants to hear. Cancer affects thousands of people each year and an early diagnosis is often critical in a patient having the best survival chance. The failure to diagnose cancer can have a serious effect on a patient. A husband from Squirrel Hill recently received a multi-million dollar verdict after the death of his wife who didn’t receive a timely diagnosis of liver cancer.

In 2007 the woman complained of enlarged lymph nodes and a possible case of lymphoma. A CT scan revealed a liver abrasion of 1.9 centimeters. The patient was referred to a specialist and in April 2008 he didn’t recommend a biopsy. In August 2009 he recommended just watching and waiting. The patient continued to see the specialist and others at UPMC but a follow up scan was never ordered. In May 2011 a scan was completed at the Mayo Clinic where is revealed an enlarged liver lesion that was 11 centimeters long and was a malignant tumor. She died in June 2012. Her family argues that if the tumor would have been thoroughly investigated earlier she could have made a complete recovery. The courts agreed and awarded her husband $5.7 million.

When a patient does not receive a timely cancer diagnosis their prognosis can be greatly affected. Delayed treatment for cancer can cost patients extensive medical bills and can even cost them their lives. If a patient or their family believes that a medical professional failed to diagnose their cancer, they may want to speak with a legal professional skilled in medical malpractice. An attorney can review the medical records and determine if a medical professional was negligent in their care.

Cancer is something that no Pittsburgh resident ever wants to deal with but thousands of people are diagnosed each year. Most of the time the earlier a person receives a diagnosis the better the prognosis.

Source:, “$5.7 million verdict awarded in lawsuit against UPMC,” Paula Reed Ward, April 11, 2015