How can an expecting mother or baby be subjected to birth injury?

For an expecting mother, there is lots of excitement and even some anxiety related to the pregnancy and the impending birth of a child. While most of this is very positive, things can take a terrifying turn if the baby or mother is put under medical duress. This could just be due to a medical condition, totally out of the hands of a medical provider or hospital. However, it’s possible that mistreatment of mother or baby on behalf of medical providers could contribute to either one of them being injured.

Not to scare families expecting children, but there are lots of ways that a pregnancy or birth can go awry. It’s good to be aware of these possibilities, in a sense. That way you can better prepare yourself for that moment, if it should arise. Also, there is a percentage in which the mother’s or baby’s injury can be exacerbated or even created by inadequate medical care.

There are many reasons that expecting mothers should have regular check-ups with their doctor while pregnant. Monitoring the health of the child and of the mother is important to prepping for the correct style of birth and for monitoring the health of the two. Standards of care are expected to be upheld for all patients, especially for mother and baby duos. Starting a child’s life off on the right foot with adequate medical care is crucial to setting the stage for the rest of their life.

It can be some of the most heartbreaking news a person can receive that a new mother or brand-new baby has been injured during pregnancy or birth. Settlements can be sought for those who believe medical professionals or hospitals were negligent in mom’s or baby’s medical care, or lack-thereof. The first step would be seeking a medical malpractice suit alleging negligence on behalf of the appropriate party.

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