Five People Blinded from Cataract Surgeries

It took only fifteen minutes for the lives of five Massachusetts residents to be turned upside down. The Massachusetts natives were five of forty-five patients scheduled for cataract removal surgery on the same day. Experts characterize cataract removal as a routine procedure – serious injury is rare. Before undergoing the cataract surgery, the five patients underwent an eye block anesthetic, which involves injecting a numbing agent into the eyeball muscles. The patients were discharged and sent home with a patch over their eye after doctors performed what they thought were successful cataract removals. Unfortunately, when the patients presented back to the surgery center the following day and the patch was removed, their vision had been handicapped. Three of the patients were completely blind in the eye that was operated on, and the other two had severely restricted vision. The injuries have shocked eye surgeons across the country, but specialists have concluded that the patients’ anesthesiologist probably pierced the retinas of the patients with his needles. The patients are now struggling to adjust to their new lives – several have had to quit their jobs and all are experiencing problems with depth perception and everyday tasks.

If a patient believes they have suffered unexpected complications because of an ocular procedure, they may want to contact a medical malpractice attorney. The medical team and lawyers at Rosen Louik & Perry can review the medical records and determine what went wrong. Compensation may be available for unexpected expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.