Failure to diagnose condition during pregnancy can cause injury

Pregnancy is a joyous time for most couples. Attending checkups during the gestational period and beyond is a great way to ensure the health and safety of both mom and baby. Most appointments go according to plan, without any major concern for mom or baby. However, sometimes a condition that affects mom, baby or both can cause unnecessary injury if the health facility or physician fails to diagnose it.

At checkups, both mom and baby are assessed by the attending physician and staff. The mother is often asked a series of questions and the status of the mom’s heart rate, blood pressure and position of the baby is checked. Certain conditions can arise for the mother during pregnancy that can put both mom and baby at risk of injury. With the advances in modern medicine today, many conditions are easily diagnosed and treated, thereby avoiding injury.

If a mom mentions symptoms to her doctor, or if she has high blood pressure or the baby has an accelerated heart rate, this should be cause for concern. Most doctors will address any issues that could impact an expecting mother; however, sometimes these things are overlooked. In these instances, it could easily be a situation of negligence on behalf of a physician, health facility or related party. All mothers and babies deserve competent medical care.

At Rosen Louik & Perry PC, we take these situations seriously. An overlooked medical condition or the position of the baby may seem like small things, but they can result in big consequences. Being unable to bring a baby to full term or an inability to deliver a child naturally can put stress on mom and baby and cause injury because of the failure to diagnose the medical condition. For those who have been subjected to unnecessary injury, consider how a personal injury suit could right the wrongs that have happened to your family.