Expected Increase in Motor Vehicle Accidents this Labor Day Weekend

The first Monday of every September brings with it picnics, parades, a day off, and more importantly a celebration of the contributions and achievements of American workers. Labor Day also brings with it an increase in travel, which unfortunately results in a higher number of traffic related accidents and fatalities. According to Fortune, this Labor Day could be the deadliest Labor Day weekend for drivers in eight years. Accidents have been on the rise in 2016. There were 9% more fatal motor vehicle accidents from January to June of 2016 than January to June of 2015. Experts attribute this increase to a stronger economy which encourages motorists to drive more, particularly during off days and holiday weekends. The National Safety Council is predicting that 438 people will perish in traffic accidents during Labor Day weekend. Drive smart, defensive, and be aware if you plan to be on the roads.

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