Crashes with semitrucks occur due to many causes

Semitruck crashes can lead to a host of injuries, some of which happen to innocent victims. It is imperative that truckers drive in a way that helps to keep others on the road safe. The duty doesn’t stop there. Everyone who is driving should make sure that they accept the responsibility that comes with operating a vehicle on a public road.

The causes of semitruck accidents vary considerably. Some of these causes don’t have anything to do with the truck driver. If you are involved in a crash with a big rig, you will quickly find that the cause of the accident matters if you are seeking compensation for the damages.


There are a few reasons why truckers might be the cause of the crash. Distractions and reckless driving are two examples of this. No matter what type of vehicle people are operating, they should give their full attention to their driving duties and they must follow the rules of the road. Big rig drivers can’t assume that they always have the right of way just because their vehicle is bigger.

Truckers should also make sure that cargo is properly loaded and secured. Shifting loads, including liquid in tankers, can lead to the trucker losing control of the rig.

Another issue that might be present is trucker fatigue; however, this might not always fall on the trucker. There is a chance that the trucker isn’t being given the power to stop and rest when necessary.

Trucking companies

The trucking companies that these drivers work for might be responsible for a crash in some cases. In the instance of trucker fatigue, the company might be liable if it provided delivery times that were too short for the trucker to drive safely. When coming up with delivery windows, companies must ensure that they aren’t encouraging truckers to drive when it isn’t safe. They also must ensure that the trucker can comply with applicable hours of service regulations.

Other drivers

Drivers who are near the semitruck can sometimes cause the trucker to be involved in an accident. Cutting in front of an 18-wheeler might cause the driver to slam on one’s brakes or swerve to avoid hitting that vehicle. This can lead to the big rig slamming into an innocent party.

Maintenance and equipment

The components of the semitruck and trailer must be in good shape in order for the rig to function properly. When maintenance isn’t handled adequately or components fail, there might be an accident. In these cases, the person or entity responsible for the improper maintenance or defective component might be liable.