Allegheny County residents can benefit from lawsuit verdicts

Whether going in for a routine check-up, a scheduled treatment or surgery or an emergency visit, there is a standard of care expected by medical professionals and medical facilities. In Allegheny County, it is important to receive quality and well-advised medical care. However, for those residents who don’t, a medical malpractice verdict awarding damages may be a recourse for those who suffer injury.

Many people aren’t aware of how widespread the issue of poor medical care is. Every day patients suffer injury or death in our nation’s hospitals and at the hands of highly paid and respected doctors and medical staff. While there are many ways an error can originate, they often end the same, with unnecessary injury or, even worse, death. Erroneous drugs, surgeries or diagnoses can render a person victim to a medical malpractice injury.

A medical malpractice incident can have widespread impact for the injured person and their family members. Beyond a turn for the worse in a person’s health, it can impact a person’s ability to work and to spend time with their family. An unnecessary medical error can cause a lot of pain and heartache for Allegheny County families. Holding the appropriate party accountable can be key to seeking and obtaining the damages an injured person deserves.

At Rosen Louik & Perry PC, we have years of experience in seeking damages for our injured clients. Holding a person responsible, such as a doctor or hospital, may require a significant amount of investigative work. However, a favorable verdict is possible. This would lead to receiving damages for the injuries you or a loved one suffered at the hands of a medical professional.