A premature birth can cause many issues for babies

Pittsburgh residents who are awaiting the birth of a child can be filled with joy and anticipation. The birth of a child is one of the best days for many parents’ lives. But, when something goes wrong and their baby’s birth is premature there can be quite a few unexpected complications.

Premature birth is any birth that occurs before 37 weeks. Babies that are born early are at risk for many conditions including cerebral palsy. Premature babies have not fully developed and may face many challenges that include breathing problems and an increased risk of infection along with many other complications. Neurological defects are also closely linked to premature birth. Furthermore, 50 percent of babies who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy had a premature birth.

Many times premature births are traumatic and scary for the expecting parents. There can be many medical episodes that lead to a premature birth and there can be confusion for the birth mom. In such a tumultuous situation a medical provider can make a mistake which can cause the early delivery. Doctors may fail to stop a premature birth from happening, causing a baby to be born before they should and exposing them to significant health risks.

Parents who have a baby who was born prematurely and now has medical issues may want to share their story with a lawyer experienced in medical malpractice. The attorney can make sure that obstetric malpractice was not the cause of their baby’s premature birth, and if it was, they can hold the medical provider responsible.

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