A birth injury can affect a Pennsylvania family forever

Thousands of Pittsburgh families welcome a new addition into their family each year. Pittsburgh has some of the finest obstetrical care available in the world. Most babies are born healthy, and go home just a few days later. But, occasionally, an unexpected birth injury occurs, which can cause serious and permanent injuries.

There are many different birth injuries that can occur. Birth injuries can come from the medical provider failing to monitor the baby who is in distress. This can result in the baby not being delivered in a timely manner, and the baby then suffers from a severe brain injury or even death. Other birth injuries can occur during the delivery. If a baby is forced out and his shoulders are hurt, it can lead to Erb’s palsy. Erb’s palsy can result in years of therapy for the baby to have his arms and hands working properly. Cerebral palsy can also happen in newborns, and the brain damage may not show up for months following the birth.

Any birth injury can be scary for the new parents. These injuries can turn an otherwise happy time into a stressful situation with few answers. Our firm helps new parents identify birth injuries, and hold the medical providers responsible for their negligence. We examine medical records, consult with medical experts and use our own staff physicians to identify what happened to cause the injury. We aggressively fight for our clients and their legal rights. We are committed to recovering compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages as a result from the injury.

A preventable birth injury can cause a family great hardship. Our firm is dedicated to families and making sure they receive the justice they deserve.