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November 2016 Archives

Can a DUI charge hold a drunk driver liable in an accident?

Although our Thanksgiving celebrations have ended, this only marks the beginning of the holiday season. No matter what winter holiday residents in Pennsylvania celebrate, there is always a concern surrounding drinking and driving. Even if you have a safe route home or avoid drinking and driving, this does not always mean others are taking such precautions. And when an intoxicated driver takes to the road, this could cause a drunk driving accident.

How likely are medication errors before, during or after surgery?

Preparing for a surgery is not always easy. Patients in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are likely concerned about the procedure, what complications a surgeon might encounter during the procedure and how well their recovery will be post operation. While surgeons are the medical professionals that control the procedure, other medical professionals play major roles. And any of these medical professionals could be the cause of a medical mistake occurring during the surgery.

How to prevent and deal with surgical errors

According to WebMD, at least 4,000 surgical mistakes happen every year, and that doesn't include mistakes that may go unreported because they weren't discovered immediately. This number seems alarming and it may be especially jarring for those who recently underwent surgery or are preparing for an upcoming surgical procedure.

Taking action following a drunk driving accident

During the holidays, it is likely that people in Pennsylvania and elsewhere will attend family gatherings and get-togethers. While these celebrations are filled with delicious foods and treats, it is also likely that these gatherings will include the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Although this is not an uncommon practice, it does raise some concerns for those drinking and driving. With each drink, a driver can increase his or her chance of causing a serious or even fatal automobile collision.

Overworked medical residents could lead to medical mistakes

Individuals in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are aware that medical professionals are required to fulfill educational and residency experience before he or she is able to treat patients. While medical professionals go through years of education and on-hand experience, rigorous training and education do not always prevent medical errors. In fact, the structure for medical and surgical residents could be groundwork for medical mistakes.

5 ways to reduce the risk of medical errors

When a person is in need of medical care, they are often functioning under an enormous burden of stress. Becoming ill or sustaining an injury is stressful in and of itself, but there are also risks associated with receiving necessary medical care. Research conducted at Johns Hopkins and published by the British Medical Journal suggests that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. It is estimated that more than 250,000 people lose their lives every year as a result of medical error.

C-section risks for mother and baby

It is not uncommon for mothers-to-be in Pennsylvania and elsewhere to have a birthing plan. These might consist of certain birthing techniques, and what she will do when it is time to deliver the baby. While some women are able to live out their birthing plan, others encounter complications during labor, causing them to alter their plan. When problems and complications arise, medical professionals might suggest or make an emergency decision to perform a cesarean section.

What does one need to know after a truck accident?

Driving near a large commercial truck is commonplace for most motorists in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. These massive vehicles help with the transportation of various goods, assisting with intrastate and interstate commerce. And, with the increase in the purchase of goods and commodities, and the demand to have them delivered sooner, it is likely that drivers will share the road with numerous semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks.

How do you establish negligence in a pedestrian accident?

As previous posts on this Pennsylvanian blog have touched on, injuries to the head could result in a serious brain injury, impacting a victim for months, even years. A head trauma could occur suddenly and be the result of a wide variety of accidents.

Pennsylvania truck accident injures one

For most motorists, it is common to share the roadways with numerous vehicles of different shapes and sizes. While a driver might frequently encounter a large truck, such as a tractor-trailer or a semi-truck. Some drivers might feel less at ease traveling behind, or directly right next to, a commercial truck. This fear or concern might stem from the ability for these massive vehicles to generate a large accident site, if a truck driver is negligent and collides with another motorist.

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