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March 2016 Archives

Discipline rates among physicians can vary greatly between states

Many Pittsburgh residents visit a doctor each year. Whether they go because they are ill or for a routine appointment, they expect their doctor to offer an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment plan. We have excellent medical care in the United States so this is usually true. But, occasionally a medical error like asurgical error occurs. These errors can result in the physician facing discipline but a new study shows that the physician discipline rate varies between states.

Statute of limitations for medical malpracticee

No Pennsylvania resident ever expects they will be the victim of medical malpracticee. But, this is the reality for thousands of patients across the United States each year. Many times a medical malpracticee injury, like a surgical error, is not immediately apparent. But, there is a time limit of when a medical malpracticee lawsuit can be filed.

Did a doctor make a wrong diagnosis?

Most Pittsburgh residents will visit their doctor this year. Whether it be for a routine annual exam or because they're not feeling well, doctors keep people healthy and take care of our medical needs. But, occasionally doctors make a mistake like the failure to diagnose a serious medical condition like cancer.

Hospitalists are held to same standard of care as all doctors

Pittsburgh residents who have spent any time in the hospital lately are probably familiar with a hospitalist. Although these medical professionals are rather new -- in the last 20 years or so -- there are over 44,000 practicing in hospitals across the United States. Patients should know that these doctors are held to the same standard of medical care and can be sued for medical malpracticee.

The failure to diagnose an imperforate anus is serious

The birth of a baby is always a much-anticipated and exciting event for families. Most babies are born healthy but occasionally a baby can suffer from a medical condition. Doctors who check these newborns in the hospital are trained to diagnose babies with many conditions, including an imperforate anus. But when a doctor fails to diagnose a condition it can lead to the baby having a serious injury.

Communication failures lead to serious injuries and even deaths

Most Pittsburgh residents will need to visit the doctor this year. This visit may be just a routine check-up or it may involve diagnosing a medical condition. Hopefully, most Pittsburgh residents will receive an accurate diagnosis and expert medical treatment. But, medical mistakes -- like the failure to diagnose a condition -- do occur.

Reasons general surgeons could face medical malpracticee lawsuits

Many Pittsburgh residents will need to have surgery this year. Although there are risks involved in surgery -- some which are serious -- most surgeries go as planned. But, when a surgeon makes a surgical errors the results can be unexpected and devastating for families.

Better outcomes when congestive heart failure caught early

Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans. Many Pittsburgh residents have congestive heart disease and are under the care of a medical provider. But, many may also not know they have the disease. If heart disease is caught early on by a medical provider a patient can have a good outcome. But, if a person suffers from a failure to diagnose congestive heart failure it can lead to a worsened condition or even death.

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