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Personal Injury Verdicts

Our personal injury attorneys at Rosen Louik and Perry have real experience winning personal injury cases and settlements in the Pittsburgh, PA region. Below are a few examples of real clients we have helped receive compensation they deserved for pain and suffering caused by a personal injury caused by negligence or malice. If you think you may have a personal injury case, contact us to evaluate your claim.

Paralyzed Client Suffers Severe Injuries After Fall in New Wheelchair
Our client was paralyzed and had utilized a wheelchair for the past 36 years of his life. His current wheelchair was in disrepair and a new, different model was supplied to our client. Unfortunately, the new model was supplied with no instruction, training, or warnings. The client suffered severe injuries from a fall in the new chair when it tipped forward, including a severely broken hip and four different fractures. The case was settled for $150,000.00.

Client With Severe Hand Injuries After Dog Bite
Our client was attacked and bitten by a neighbor's dog causing severe injuries to her right hand. The case settled for $32,500.00.

Client Assaulted by Unstable Man in Hospital Settles Personal Injury Suit
Our client was violently assaulted by a man he was sharing a hospital bedroom with. The assailant was mentally unstable and suffering from alcohol withdrawal and liver disease. The medical staff knew of this man's psychological problems, yet he was still placed in a room with another patient. The case settled for $275,000.00.

Trucking Accident Results in Numerous Injuries for Client
Our minor-client suffered numerous injuries including contusions, bruises, lacerations, and abrasions on her body as well as tears of her muscles, tissues, and ligaments as a result of a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer on an interstate highway. The case settled for $75,000.00.

Settlement Reached for 10-Year-Old Struck and Killed by Motorist Who Fled Scene
Our 10-year-old client was struck and killed by a motorist when the sled she was riding entered the roadway. The motorist had seen the children riding down the hill minutes prior to the accident. The motorist fled the scene, but was later identified by witnesses. The case was settled for $50,000.00.

Client in Auto Accident with Rental Vehicle Not Suitable for Driving
Our client was rear-ended driving a rented motor vehicle that was not suitable for driving. The case settled for $170,000.00.

Passenger in Motorcycle Accident Sustains Severe Injuries After Being Rear-Ended
Our client was rear-ended while riding as a passenger on a motorcycle. She suffered severe and permanent injuries including an open, comminuted fracture of the right fibula, an open fracture-dislocation of the right medial malleolus, right upper lung atelectasis, a severe right ankle laceration, abrasions and contusions of the elbow, face and peri-orbital tissues, post-operative infections, impaired mobility and loss of motion of the ankle joint, severe post-traumatic arthritis of the right ankle, and permanent scarring and disfigurement. The case settled for $245,000.00.

Personal Injury Settlement for Snow-Tubing Accident
Our client was standing at the bottom of a snow-tubing hill when he was struck by four teenagers speeding down the mountain. The Linking together of two or more riders was against the ski resort's policies, yet no employee of the resort stopped the four teenagers from doing so. The client suffered a depressed skull fracture, injury to the left ocular, and multiple tears to the dura lining of the brain. The case was settled in mediation for $412,500.00 in the aggregate.

Head-On Motor Vehicle Accident Leaves Client with Knee, Leg & Head Injuries
Our client suffered multiple leg, knee, and head injuries as a result of a head-on, motor vehicle collision in which his car was struck by another motorist who had crossed over the double-yellow line into his lane of traffic. The case was settled for $150,000.00.

Client Suffers Serious Injuries After Being Struck From Behind in Car Accident
Our client's vehicle was violently struck from behind while she was attempting to safely merge with traffic after exiting a highway. The client's vehicle was pushed into oncoming traffic as a result of the collision. The client suffered serious injuries as a result of the accident. The case settled for $11,500.00.

Patient Undergoes Numerous Surgeries After Pittsburgh Car Accident
Our minor-client suffered injuries as a result of a head-on, motor vehicle collision, in which the vehicle she was traveling in was struck by another vehicle that crossed the center line. These injuries included a fractured spine, serious abdominal injuries, and a concussion. The minor-client underwent an open laparotomy for the resection of a portion of her small bowel and surgical repair of other abdominal injuries. The minor-client was required to undergo a second exploratory laparotomy for repair of an anastomotic leak/perforation, lysis of adhesions, and incisional scar revision. The case was settled for $51,500.00.

Client Rear-Ended While Waiting for Emergency Vehicle to Pass
Our client was rear-ended at a traffic intersection while waiting for an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing and sirens blaring to clear the intersection first. The case was settled for $7,000.00.

Settlement Reached for Client Rear-Ended While Exiting Roadway
Our client's vehicle was rear-ended while waiting for a vehicle directly in front of her to exit the roadway. The case was settled for $2,000.00.

Car Accident Case Settled for Poorly Maintained Roads Resulting in Crash
The interstate our client was traveling on was negligently maintained resulting in ice buildup on the road. The client lost control of his vehicle while traveling over the ice. He struck the guide rail and flipped over it, landing in an embankment. The case settled for $5,000.00.

Client Suffers Infection from Food Consumed at Fast Food Restaurant
Our client suffered an infection from food she consumed at a local fast-food restaurant. The case was settled for $438,267.74.

Accident Leaves Permanent Ankle Problems in Victim
This client sustained injuries in an accident leaving him with permanent troubles of the right ankle. This case settled for $160,000.00.

Victim Crushed by Improperly Installed Office Cabinet
This is a work-related, personal injury case. A 150 lb. cabinet fell on top of the client because there was no backing in the wall for proper anchoring, crushing the client onto the desk . Rosen Louik & Perry successfully discovered the identity of the contractors who originally installed the cabinet. The installer was not protected by the worker's compensation immunity bar and was sued. The case was settled for $450,000.00.

Driver Accidentally Hits Passenger with Door of Car
Our client was a passenger in a car when his hat flew out the window. The driver of the car pulled over so our client could pick up the hat. While client was bending over to retrieve the hat, the driver began to back up his vehicle while the passenger door was open. In doing so, the driver hit the client in the head with the passenger side door, knocking the client unconscious. The client suffered injuries including a closed head injury and open lacerations of the face and forehead and a concussion. The case settled for policy limits of $100,000.00.

Man Hit by Drunk Driver Requires Wrist Surgery
The client was hit by a drunk driver and sustained injuries to the wrist requiring surgery. The case settled for $170,000.00.

Woman Receives Large Scar after Undergoing Tattoo Laser Removal
This client went to a laser hair removal clinic who advertised tattoo removal. Client suffered a large scar in the area where the tattoo was removed -- a 3" x 3" raised area on her left arm. After an expert doctor reviewed the case, the doctor came to the conclusion that this facility had lasers that are neither designed nor intended for tattoo removal. This case settled for $100,000.00.

$1 Million Settlement Over Death of Elderly Woman in Fire
Client who died in gas explosion awarded $1 Million.

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