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February 2015 Archives

I'm not happy with my surgery, can I file a lawsuit?

When Pennsylvania residents undergo surgery, they are taking a risk. There are no guarantees and as such, things may not go as you expected. The surgeon may think everything went fine, but you might not be so thrilled with the results, whether you got a nose job or a broken bone surgically fixed. Do you have any recourse? Can you file a lawsuit and receive compensation for your lack of satisfaction?

My baby suffers birth injuries due to hypoxia, what can I do?

The birth of a baby is an exciting event for almost all Pennsylvanian parents. However, this joy can turn to anger when the baby is deprived of oxygen during labor and delivery. This is called hypoxia, and while some cases are mild and resolve themselves quickly, others are more serious in nature and can lead to birth injuries and permanent disability. If this happens, you most certainly want to understand your legal rights and learn more about the types of available recourse.

How to help prevent medication errors

Despite the number of safeguards put in place, medication errors are still common for Pittsburgh residents. Most Pittsburgh residents will need to take medication in their lives and many will need several to maintain their health. Medication errors can happen and it is important to be aware of ways to avoid these errors.

Consequences of delayed treatment for breast cancer

When a person learns they have cancer their world can be turned upside down. Thousands of Pittsburgh residents receive a cancer diagnosis each year. Thanks to modern medicine many of these cancers can be effectively treated. But for many circumstances, the earlier the treatment starts the better. When a doctor fails to diagnose breast cancer, the delayed treatment can lead to devastating consequences.

Psychiatric patients also at risk for medical malpractice

Mental health is an important piece of a person's overall health. Thousands of Pittsburgh residents take some sort of psychiatric medicine-for depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and a host of other conditions. These medications and the care that medical providers provide are critical in maintaining a person's mental health. But when medical providers fail to diagnose a patient with mental illness, prescribes the wrong medication or engages in other negligent behavior, a medical provider can be held liable.

What is a perforated esophagus?

Many Pittsburgh residents will undergo a surgical procedure this year. These procedures can be done in an emergency situation or they may be routine. Most surgical procedures occur without any issues, but occasionally a surgical accident can occur that causes a worsened condition.

Are cellphones adding to the number of surgical errors?

When Pennsylvania residents go under the knife for simple procedures or emergency surgeries, they are ultimately trusting the doctors in the operating room with their lives. Patients often expect a procedure to go smoothly, followed by a reasonable recovery period. From time to time, surgical accidents do occur, and they can range from surgical tools being left inside a patient, to infections that are acquired during a surgical procedure.

Pennsylvania heart conditions and failures to diagnose

Heart disease is one of the top killers of Pittsburg residents. It claims thousands of lives each year and leaves many others with permanent disabilities. Although most people think of heart disease as something that affects older people, it can affect anyone. The failure to diagnose a heart condition can lead to a worsened condition, brain injury and even death.

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