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December 2014 Archives

New video service may help with patient instructions

For many Pittsburgh residents, health care looks a lot different now than it did for our grandparents. The personal, individualized service that people used to receive has been replaced by medical providers who are stretched to the limit. Many times patients just feel like a number and often wonder if the doctor is doing the right thing.

Woman who broke hip in hospital sues for medical malpractice

When a Pittsburgh resident goes into the hospital they don't expect to come out in even worse shape. But that is the case for a woman who broke her hip while under hospital care. We expect hospitals to take good care of us and our loved ones but occasionally hospital errors occur along with a failure to diagnose.

Unsafe injections can cause serious problems

Hospital errors have received a lot of attention lately as thousands of people are affected by this negligence. But another kind of negligence can occur to Pennsylvanians who visits their local clinic. Unsafe injections is a problem in the U.S. that can lead to serious injury.

Common types of medical malpractice

Pittsburgh residents go to the doctor expecting to be helped for their medical condition. Usually doctors are able to accurately diagnose their patients, refer them to the proper specialist and help their patients feel better. But, like everyone else, doctors are prone to mistakes. Unfortunately their mistakes can have serious consequences. There are several common types of medical malpractice that a patient may encounter.

Back surgeon subject of numerous federal investigations

Back problems plague many Pittsburgh residents. Back pain can be debilitating and cause many people to wind up on disability. Back surgery is a common solution for many people. Back surgeons usually perform these surgeries without incident but occasionally surgical errors occur.

Some frightening facts about the medical field

Pittsburgh residents who visit their medical provider believe they are getting the best care possible. But, there are some medical facts out there that most people don't know about. These facts show that for many people, medical errors and medical malpractice can and do occur.

Surgical errors may be on the decline, but long way to go

Many Pittsburgh residents will undergo surgery at some point in their lifetime. Patients who need to undergo hospitalization expect that they will receive expert care with little to no adverse effects. Unfortunately, thousands of patients suffer from hospital errors each year, many of them dying because of the error.

Have you been the victim of a surgical error?

Many Pittsburgh residents will undergo surgery this year. Last week we discussed a recent news article highlighting a woman who received a large settlement following a surgical error. These errors occur hundreds of thousands of times each year and according to a recent Consumer Reports article, 10 times more people die from medical errors each year than from car crashes.

How to protect yourself during surgery

Thousands of Pittsburgh residents will undergo surgery this year. Most surgeries will go as expected with no complications. But surgical errors do occur occasionally and it's important for patients to be aware of ways to help avoid an error.

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