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September 2014 Archives

When can misdiagnosis lead to a medical malpractice claim?

No one wants to be sick or struggle from a serious health condition. Thankfully, there are vast medical resources available to identify and treat a multitude of conditions, and going to the doctor is supposed to help us figure out what's wrong so that a course of treatment can begin.

Birth injuries that may be grounds for a legal claim

Parents-to-be will generally do whatever they can to ensure their unborn child is healthy and safe. But once the labor process is underway, it is then up to doctors and nurses to take on this responsibility of keeping a baby -- and the mother -- safe. 

Patients pay the price for medication errors

There seems to be a medication on the market for just about every condition we can think of, from nausea and high cholesterol to infertility and anemia. The demand for medication is as high as it's ever been, thanks in part to fast-paced drug development and baby boomers who are increasingly seeking drug treatments for medical conditions.

What are 'never events' in the medical environment?

Going to the doctor can be a stressful experience for any patient, whether they are going in for routine care or are undergoing a specific medical procedure. People generally understand that there is no guarantee that an operation or treatment will be completely effective and safe, but we should be able to expect that medical staff will provide a reasonable level of care.

Endometriosis Treatment Leaves Burns from Surgical Errors

Endometriosis is a disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus (the endometrium) grows outside of the uterus. This endometrial tissue can grow into the ovaries, bowel or other tissue which lines the female pelvis. Endometriosis can cause severe pain, particularly during menstruation and also during intercourse.

Insomnia Medication Errors from Medical Negligence

Physicians examine and treat patients with sleep disorders, insomnia in particular, on a daily basis. Insomnia is typically defined as difficulty initiating and maintaining sleep which causes a negative impact on a person's quality of life and prevents the person from performing normal tasks. Often, insomnia is present individuals who suffer from depression and/or anxiety. It can also be caused as a result of an individual who has pain emanating from some kind of injury or condition. Research indicates that as many as 70% of our population has some form of insomnia.

New technique could buy more time for reviving the recently dead

There may be no better place than Pittsburgh to have a brush with death -- at least according to David Casarett, an author and associate professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. In a recent interview with Wired, the scholar discussed his new book on the topic of resuscitating the recently deceased and the ethical issues that this can involve.

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