Pennsylvania Personal Injury Settlement Lawyers

One of the initial questions that prospective clients ask is, "What is my case worth?" Ethically, lawyers are prohibited from placing a value on a case at the outset of the attorney-client relationship and this restriction makes sense. We don't want lawyers making false representations about case values in order to secure being retained. That would be a form of false advertising. In addition, any lawyer who would provide an estimated value on a case at its outset is being dishonest. Every case is different and no two cases have the same value. Changing one fact in a case can have a million-dollar impact on the ultimate outcome. Only after a case has been fully developed and all facts understood by the lawyer can values be determined. At that point, a client must rely upon the knowledge and experience of his or her lawyers relating to the value of a case.

Medical malpractice and personal injury settlements in Pennsylvania

The following is a random sampling of cases that the lawyers at Rosen Louik & Perry have handled over the years. The settlement values to some extent reflect the fact that some of the cases were handled several years ago. We offer this sampling not as a reflection of monetary result, but rather to provide an example of the breadth of our experience. While we reiterate that it is not fair to compare cases, we emphasize that our prior experience and success allow us obtain top settlements and verdicts. In this aspect, we firmly believe that we distinguish ourselves. The best lawyers get the best verdicts and highest settlements.

To comply with settlement agreements, court orders, and to protect our clients, names identities and other details have been deleted from the following.